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Home Page My name is Cathy and I have had cats, dogs, birds, fish and hamsters all of my life. I just love animals and want to help people keep their pets happy, safe and loved. At present I have 5 indoor cats and 2 outdoor dogs. I tried boarding myself but the dogs had a different personality for a few days. Like I put them in jail and they held it against me so I usually have someone come and look after them now. They are much happier with the human contact everyday and they are much better towards me when I get home. The cats were destructive; they would find things to tear up while I was gone to let me know they were upset. But now with interaction with someone everyday they have a different way about them too.

I decided to start this business because I love animals and with my own boarding experiences I have decided the best thing for my pets was for them to be at home.

I am striving to make this an affordable service for you so that your pets can stay in their own home, have play time and not feel neglected while you are away. This is a safe, loving and protected way to leave your pets while you need to travel.

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